A Public School Carol

Oh, the school was dead, dead as a door-nail

From the balcony he would scream

What have y’all done, then hanging from the beam

How in this way could you fail

But ole’ scrooge didn’t see through the darkness

For the light only shown upon sections of the room

If he could only see his full creation of doom

He could realize he’s at fault in this

The children were beasts running afoul 

As the teachers stood by, shackled by steel

One size fits all, what’s the big deal

A situation to address, created by the suits on the prowl

So Christmas eve it was, and before scrooge stood a ghost

You will be visited by the dead, three fold

One will be young, one will be the new, the other old

They will show, you were at fault the most

Gone was the ghost as scrooge shivered in freight

Must’ve been bad dreams

Or so it seems

But this was not going to be any ordinary night

A knock, knock, knocking came at the door

Scrooge sprung up in the bed

Covers over his head

Through the door came the old, the past was in store

The ghost of old drug scrooge by the ankles

Swung him around to see what’s been done

And there, in the doorway, there is but the one

A teacher given a script to follow, a new political angle

With a snap of the ghosts’ fingers

High in the sky the two were, to see their folly

Watching all file into the school, each a carbon copy

The ghost spoke, not all seem to fit, but we can no longer linger

With a flash he was in the covers, it must have been his imagination

He thought to himself, did I go wrong

Then from behind the door a loud gong

Scrooge sprung to the bed’s foot, in anticipation

Within an eye’s blink, he was gone in a poof

Scrooge hung by his collar

Then dropped to a shrieking holler

But he halts in air, and can see his mistakes through the roof

Test, test, test, all children testing, all the time

Teachers talking, talking, talking, about the test

All attempting to do what is best

But no one in the building is doing fine

No more, no more, no more

Scrooge screams into the sky

All of this makes me want to cry

Please, I will make a change, he swore

Scrooge now buried his head under his pillow, 

How could he let this past

But there was one more to come, at last

A tapping came from the window

The window swung open and in came a gust

It lifted scrooge off his bed and out into the dark

Something new had come, to show him something stark

And now, scrooge would learn about all the fuss

They floated by and past, new rule after new rule

Watching the suties take and take

Until there was nothing left in their wake

Just a line of beggars, begging for the one school

A town full of fools

Counting their coin

As suits dig deep in the pockets, finding most can’t join

So they announce, sorry folks, you can’t attend our schools

Upon his knees scrooge fell

He begged for mercy and to wake

He begged all this to be fake

Until he could no longer see, his eyes swell

Rays blinded scrooge come morning

He rubbed his eyes and rushed the window

Asking what is this day, and where do you go

It’s Christmas day, said the man, and the school choir is performing

As scrooged rushed down the stairs to listen

I wished I could say he changed his way

But truth be told on this day

We will have to wait and see, if he’s changed his mission