What now? We’re just getting started …

Beshear is momentum, but not victory.

The fight has been long and tough, but Kentucky teachers earned a major victory Tuesday when incumbent governor Matt Bevin was defeated by Andy Beshear. So what now?

Bevin refuses to concede, but let’s assume a re-canvas, or possible re-vote, results in what we expect – Andy Beshear sworn in as governor. We toast our ally in the governor’s mansion and go back to fighting for public education. To steal a phrase from Bevin, I am just getting started. I hope most of the other 43,000 teachers, nearly 100,000 educators, countless retirees, and concerned citizens feel the same way.

Andy Beshear gives teachers an ally.

Beshear is momentum, but not victory. Two of our adversaries, the legislature and special interest will continue to come after public money and continue their attempts to break public education. Their power and unlimited resources will have a considerable advantage, even with an ally with veto power. So we must continue to battle.

One of the ways we continue to battle is to fight our third, and perhaps most considerable adversary – ignorance. Those who have followed me on social media or read my past articles, know I am waging war against misinformation and willful ignorance. As a former journalist and current social studies teacher, I hold truth, evidence, and human decency above all else.

One of the ways we continue to battle is to fight our third, and perhaps most considerable adversary – ignorance.

I am ready to take my next step, and I hope you are prepared to walk with me. I intend to use this platform, social media, and you to disseminate the truth surrounding issues facing public education and its teachers, to tell our story, the whole story – the good, bad, and ugly – and to wage an information campaign across this state. I will write relentless, here, or on any other platform, in any publication. I will speak the truth in any media outlet in Kentucky, to ensure this state is at least hearing the facts, being told the issues we face, and why it matters so much.

I am counting on your help. Follow this blog, share what I share, talk to neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, anyone who will listen. We must save our pensions, we must demand public education funding, including higher education, we must halt charter schools in their place, we must prevent tax credits or vouchers, and we must elevate our profession in the eyes of everyone else. This is my mission.

Lastly, we must always move collectively, listen, count on, and trust those leaders who have fought for and with us for years, and remember the individual is easily swatted away, but a swarm can overtake it all. We must move collectively in any action we take.

All that came before was a warm up. Now it’s time to work.